Hydraulic pressure transcription – “TAS” (Top Art System)

TAS is a hydraulic pressure transcript system which enables transcription of films with desirable graphics and designs onto complicated three dimensional surfaces that are hard to articulate in normal painting or printing.

Characteristics of TAS

  • Multiple color decoration is possible on complicated three dimensional surface. Please check the application sample of TAS.
  • TAS allowing application of surface finishing from small volume. It does not requires major equipments, resulting in minimum initial investment.
  • By following a simple instruction under appropriate environment, anyone can do professional work as we do.
  • With TAS, you can paint on various materials including many plastic, metal, and glass surfaces.
  • By altering the base color and brightness of the top coating, you can make your product in various expression of colors and graphics.

Contents of the TAS System

  • Stainless Water Tank (H900 x W1300 x L570)
  • Top Art Film 50m (with 10 designs to choose from)
  • Chemical Adhesive 4 Litter
  • Spray Gun (for Chemical Adhesive)
  • Timer
  • Users Manual on Video(DVD in Japanese*)

Application Sample of TAS

Automobile Wheel Cap
(Gross Woodgrain)
Automobile Wheel Cap
(Mat Woodgrain)
Athletic Goods
(Golf club,Tennis racket, etc.)
Artificial Nail(Hologram)
Cell Phone Cover