Anti-molding agent “Biochemitect”

“Biochemitect” is a highly effective anti-molding agent.
Please read the following information carefully on how to apply and the effect of Biochemitect prior to using the product.

Characteristics of Biochemitect, an anti-molding agent

  • Effective on Eumycetes (true fungi), yeast,and molding in general.
  • Preservative efficacy is high, at the same time working also as deodorant.
  • There are two types of agents; Water-soluble called “Aqua”, and isopropanol alcohol solvent called “Solvent”.
  • Can be used as an additive to paints, adhesive, or resin products.
  • Can be used either in alkaline or acid region.
  • Highly safe product (also being used in cosmetics and home cleaning chemicals).
  • Hardly any diffusion of volatile organic compounds after application in relation to sick building syndrome.

How to Use Biochemitect

“Solvent” Dilute with isopropanol, May be applied with roller, and pressured or regular sprayer.
“Aqua” Dilute with water. May be applied with roller, and pressured or regular sprayer.

Please also read the following for effective use of Biochemitect

Please note the following points must be observed.

  • Please ware a mast, rubber gloves, protective goggles upon application of Biochemitect.
  • Please ventilate the room well. If the room is poorly ventilated, please use an exhaust system.
  • Please store Biochemitect in cool place and protective from sun light.