Silver Mirror Coating – “MFS”(Metalize Finishing System)

MFS is a painting application method giving the material surface a fine metallic finish by creating thin layer with silver mirror effect, whilst paints are applied similar to normal spray paintings. It is generally called a spray mirror paint or plating.
If you are familiar with a spray mirror paint and used it before, you may wonder its durability. At Hyoukaken, with countless number of repeated tests to find the right mixture rate of base coating materials and liquid silver, as a result, MFS that has highly elevated durability level far beyond the image of the past mirror paintings.

Characteristics of MFS

  • Fine mirror painting of desired color & design can be produced without complex application.
    Whether it is small or large surface, mirror painting can be applied just like a normal spray painting technique.
    Please take a look at sample photo.
  • Half mirror is easily made.
    With Half mirror finishing, you can be so creative with designs and graphics you always wanted.
  • Compatible with various materials.
    If the material can be painted normally, MFS can create beautiful mirror painting on it.
    (There may be cases matching primer treatment or surface sizing are applied to the material.)
  • Vesting with distinctive quality of silver.
    MFS allows the provision of characteristics of silver such as light reflectance, electrical conduction and bacterial resistance with ease of application.
  • Made of simple gear.
    MFS is a kind of chemical plating technology; however, it does not require a large plating bath nor tank.
    The system can be completed with fairly simple tooling gears like an ordinary paint booth, allowing minimum initial investment.
  • We can provide the most suitable system depending on your needs.
    From one-off art piece to mass produced industrial size manufacturing, we can propose a painting system that is most suitable to your demand.
  • Environmentally friendlly application.
    Unlike ordinary mirror painting, MFS does not require heavy metal and special chemical treatments that harm our environment. Zero Emission application can also be realized.

MFS Application Sample

MFS can create “light” and “depth” on the surface using the reflexivity of silver. But it’s not just coated in silver; we can make exact image you have mirror image and metal with the highest quality.